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Our Story

HELLO! And Welcome to Emerging Imaginations Academy.

Originally called, Creation Kingdom, our Journey started around 2013 with a vision “To exemplify excellence as the premier childcare program of choice, providing safety, security, and extraordinary education, while modeling Christian principles and enriching the lives of every child, parent, family and teacher we partner with”. 

Even though our name has changed, this is still our goal, even though Creation Kingdom swayed away from it a little bit!

When I stepped into the role of Program Director in February of 2022, it was the perfect time to make some adjustments in order to get back to that original vision.

Over the past two years, with the backing of our owners, myself and our entire team of dedicated staff, we have all worked tirelessly to move our former reputation towards one that evokes confidence in care when you hear the name.

However, as those of you who have been along the journey with us can attest, it has not been an easy road to travel. We have faced many hurdles, a complete refurbishment of the facility to better line up with that vision, both inside and out, and a major overhaul of the individuals we bring onto the staff.

We have also increased our staffs’ wages by 50% on the average, with only one small increase in our tuition rates. 

There has also been an incredible change in the way Early Childhood Education should be presented to our new generation of learners. Little minds need to be captured with hands-on experiences and an interest in the topics being presented to them.

With this evident and wonderful change in Early Childhood Education, we have decided to adopt a less formal, more inclusive way of educating our inquisitive explorers.

This change allows us to present our education philosophy, and also help us continuing moving froward from the past and on to a brighter future. 

With great excitement we announced the official name change on January 1st 2024.
No longer were we going to be called Creation Kingdom and instead, we became Emerging Imaginations Academy (EIA).

With this name change, there was also changes to the way we implement our curriculum in our classrooms, going from a daycare center to a fully qualified educational experience for the children in our care.

While our new vision is similar in ways to our previous vision, we wanted to emphasize our goal in education and not just childcare.

Emerging Imaginations Academy is proud to state that our new vision became “To exemplify excellence as a premiere Early Childhood Education program of choice. Providing safety, security, encouragement, and emergent education; all while working to enrich the lives of every child, parent, family and teacher we partner with,” and including a mission statement that reiterates our desires to provide the community of Lowell “extraordinary early childhood education in a family-oriented working environment that is committed to exploring Emergent centered learning and focusing on our core values to educate, equip, encourage, empower, and enrich the lives of every child, parent, family and co-worker we partner with.”

We hope that you will join us on our new journey and encourage you to reach out to us with any questions you may have! 

We want to thank you for your support as we transition from Creation Kingdom into Emerging Imaginations Academy (EIA) 

On behalf of myself and the owners,  

Meghan Jackson, M.Ed. Program Director