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Emerging Imaginations Academy provides a complete learning experience. We believe sincerely that embracing the whole child- body, mind, heart and spirit- provides the best possible education. In alignment with the principles of Reggio-Emilia, we approach our education as an Emergent learning process.

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What is Emergent Learning?

Emergent curriculum is one that builds upon the interests of children. Topics for study are captured from the talk of children, through community or family events, as well as the known interests of children (puddles, shadow, dinosaurs, etc.).

If we think of the learning and teaching process as a relationship, then there isn’t only one part of this dynamic and the children are no longer the only part of learning.

What we can see happening is that learning becomes a more reciprocal process between the teacher and children.

Within the Reggio Emilia approach, different approaches toward the same investigation are all valued, and thus children are given access to many tools and media to express themselves.

Explore Boundless Possibilities: Discover Our Enriching Childcare Programs

Embark on a journey of educational excellence with Emerging Imaginations Academy. Our diverse childcare programs are meticulously crafted to nurture young minds, fostering a love for learning that lasts a lifetime. From our Infant program, where bonds are formed, to the engaging Preschool curriculum that sparks curiosity, each program is designed with your child's growth in mind.

Discover the transformative impact of our Emergent Curriculum, inspired by Unlimited Imagination, and witness the joy of learning unfold. Take the first step in shaping your child's future by exploring our programs. Visit us today to learn more about the exciting opportunities that await your little one at Emerging Imaginations Academy. Let the adventure begin!