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Team Imagination

Every EIA Teaching Member is committed to enriching the lives of every child, parent, co-worker, family and community they partner with through education, support and excellence. “The job of the teacher is to support these qualities and to challenge children in appropriate ways.”- Louise Cadwell.
Meghan Jackson, M.Ed.
Program Director
Hannah Onan
Assistant Director
Ms. Karen O
Guppies (6 wks- 8 mos) Lead Teacher
Ms. Kim
Guppies (6wks-8mos) Assistant Teacher
Ms. Karen F
Sea Otters (8mo-13 mos) Lead Teacher
Ms. Susan
Sea Otters (8mos-13mos) Assistant Teacher
Miss Lilli
Clownfish (13mo-24mo) Lead Teacher
Ms. Laura
Clownfish (13mo -24mos) Assistant Teacher
Ms. Sara
Sea Turtles (24mos- 30mos) Lead Teacher
Miss Dani
Sea Turtles Aide
Miss Kendall
Starfish (30mos-36mo) Co-Lead
Ms. Maggie
Blue Whales (3y- 4y) Lead Teacher
Ms. Savannah
Blue Whales (3y-4y) Assistant Teacher
Miss Claire
Jellyfish (4y-5y) Lead Teacher
Miss Abie
Jellyfish (4y-5y) Assistant Teacher
Mr. Andy
Sea Horse (School Age) Teacher
Miss Kelly
Ms. Cathleen

Features of the Reggio Emilia Approach Teacher Role:

  • To co-explore the learning experience with the children
  • To provoke ideas, problem solving, and conflict resolution
  • To take ideas from the children and return them for further exploration.
  • To organize the classroom and materials to be accessible and interesting to the child
  • To organize materials to help children make thoughtful decisions.
  • To document children’s progress: visual, videotape, tape recording, photos, portfolios
  • To help children see the connections between learning and experiences.
  • To help children express their knowledge through projects.
  • To have a dialog about their projects with parents and other teachers
  • To foster the connection between home, school and community.