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Meghan Jackson, M.Ed.
Program Director

Meet Meghan "Meg" Jackson, our visionary program director at Emerging Imaginations Academy. With a Master's in Education and over 20 years in the Early Education field, Meg leads our team with passion and expertise. Committed to shaping educational excellence, she guides the academy with a focus on holistic child development.

Meg's dedication ensures that every child's journey at EIA is filled with creativity, curiosity, and boundless possibilities.

Color: Black and Teal
Foods: Pizza and Lasagna
Season: Fall
Drink: Orange Monster and Lemonade
Teams: Buckeyes and AFC Richmond ;)
TV Show: Ted Lasso and Sons of Anarchy
Animal: Penguins
Hobbies: Playing and cuddling with my Dog- Opie Tartt

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